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Red vs Blue Season 14 - Siris

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Siris is a character I created for Rooster Teeth for Red vs. Blue Season 14. Each character was created using Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop with final renders in Redshift. In order for the heads to share blendshapes, each character's final head mesh needed to be made using an existing template mesh. Locus, Siris and every other character's head shares the same topology.

Original concept by Laurin Crozier. Final texture tweaks by Rooster Teeth. These characters are copyright to Rooster Teeth Productions.

Scott kletzka siris
Scott kletzka siris 2
Scott kletzka siris 3

High-poly sculpt

Scott kletzka 6
Scott kletzka capture2
Scott kletzka capture1
Scott kletzka capture3
Scott kletzka capture7